Dr Lubert Tymoczyka

Bioterrorist with Finesse


• To push the boundaries of science.
• Humanity first.
• Last survivor of the Perex Research Institute Anomaly… I think?
• Everything is always my fault.
• Bioweapons: Tomorrows war, Today!

Rank 5: Education +1
Rank 4: Research, Coheasion
Rank 3: Firearms, Insight
Rank 2: Strategy, Stealth, Diplomacy, Resolve, Melee
Rank 1: Networking (House), Guile, Assets, Demolitions

Refresh: 7
Academic – You gain a +2 bonus on Education tests to make Declarations related to math, science, or history.

Carpe Diem – Once per scene, as a Free Action, you can Declare that an Aspect of your choosing exists on the current scene or a zone of your choice. The Aspect must make sense within the
context of the scene, and may be vetoed by the GM. You, and only you, may invoke or compel
this Aspect for free the first time.

Constant Vigilance – You get a +3 bonus on any initiative test. In addition, if you are ambushed, you may spend a Fate Point to defend yourself normally.

Genius at Work – Once per scene, you may use Education in place of any other Skill on a single test. You may elect to use this Stunt more than once per scene, but each use after the first costs a Fate Point.

State: Pure
Physical Skills:
Athletics 2, Endurance 4, Perception 3


Mental Stress: OOOOO
Mild (-2) _________________________
Moderate (-4) _________________________
Severe (P) (-6) _________________________
Extreme (P) (-8) _________________________
Physical Stress: OOOOO AR: 0
Mild (-2) _________________________
Moderate (-4) _________________________
Severe (P) (-6) _________________________
Extreme (P) (-8) _________________________

Heavy Rail-Pistol® (WR +4, Range 2, Armour Penetrating, Small, Toxic, Reduce WR by -2 for Silent)
Subdermal Medichine Factory – The amount of time required for a Physical Consequence to degrade to a lower severity is reduced by 1 time increment (pg. 149).
mEdna – Agent (Alpha) Education +1
Augmented Reality Display Device – Allow the wearer to see AR objects and data.
Molecular Glue & Solvent – This hardened bottle dispenses a small amount of glue. The glue bonds to anything and is nearly impossible to remove without a solvent. MGlue is often used in place of welding or soldering. Each pack contains both a bottle of glue and solvent.

Rep: 3 with a boost of 2


Lubert is a scientist, it has been his life since childhood. Raised in the Orphanages of Perex, he was quickly given his role in life and since that day has fulfilled it to his best. He worked at the Perex Research Institute for most of his adult life until the anomaly occurred…
Since that day he has wandered, seeking to advance his work through any means. Not caring for the consequences, always thinking of the next step.

To others, his techniques may seem extreme, he has in recent years turned to hiring out his skills in biological weaponry. Designing ever more lethal and efficient organisms. Not thinking of their effect on others, just focusing on their function and effectiveness.

Dr Lubert Tymoczyka

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