Ishikawa Mako

Black Ops Samurai for the Board of Relations

  • “Warfare is an art, and I am an artist”.
  • Honour-bound to uphold the values of House Kimura.
  • Close ties to the Red Sun crime syndicate.
  • Neuro-vault full of ghost memories.
  • Veteran of the Pre-Exodus Olympus conflict.
  • Apothesized.

Allegiance: House Kimura (Market Discount: Computers, Cybernetic Augmentations, Cybersleeves, Virtuality Software, Agent Software)


Rank 4: Firearms, Melee, Strategy (’+1)
Rank 3: Cohesion, Network (House), Stealth
Rank 2: Assets, Demolitions, Engineering (Hardware), Insight
Rank 1: Engineering (Software), Intimidation, Networking (Apostate), Pilot, Research (+1), Resolve

Refresh: 5


Counter Attack – When you generate Spin on a test to defend yourself against a melee attack, or close (same zone) ranged attack, you may forego the option of creating an Effect Aspect to instead perform a melee attack against your attacker as an Instant Action. This is a single melee attack, either unarmed or with a weapon in hand.
Marksman – You gain a +2 bonus on any test to Take Aim. In addition, once per scene, you may reduce your target’s Armour Rating by 3 points for the purpose of a single ranged attack. You may not use Full Auto or Beam Weapon attacks when making this attack.
Tenacious – The amount of Mental Stress each Consequence allows you to ignore is increased by +1.

State: Sleeved (Delta Cybersleeve)

Sleeve Aspects:
Synthetic Body (P), Inhuman Appearance.
Physical Skills:
Athletics 3, Endurance 3, Perception 4
Armour Rating: +2 (Does not stack with bonus provided by armour)
Agent (Alpha) Skill Bonus: Strategy +1


Apothesis (with Remote Backup)
Cosmetic CustomizationMus3-0n holographic facial array.
Fully SyntheticSynthetic Biology (P).
Light Screen Camouflage® – You gain +3 bonus on tests to remain unseen while not moving, or a +2 bonus if you are moving.
Neura-Surge® – Instant Action. Once activated, you may immediately perform a Simple Action. You may not use this Augmentation more than once per turn. You must perform a Diff:4 Endurance test to activate this Augmentation. If you fail, the neura-surge still activates, but you suffer an amount of physical stress equal to the amount by which you failed. The activation difficulty is increased by +1 for each subsequent use of this Augmentation in the same scene.
Optimised Power Systems – Once per scene, you may invoke an Aspect gained from a cyberware Augmentation without spending a Fate Point.
Reinforced Skeleton – Enhanced Consequences.
Skinweave Armour – You gain an Armor Rating of +1, which stacks with armor gained from any other source.
Retinal Implant (with X-Ray Sight)Retinal Implant. As a Simple Action you may spend a Fate Point to be able to see through walls, clothing, doors, and so forth for the rest of the Scene. Generally you can see through 1 ft of material, though this may vary depending on the density of the material. When this Augmentation is activated, you gain X-Ray Vision (P).

Mental Stress: OOOOO

Mild (-3) _________________________
Moderate (-5) _________________________
Severe (P) (-7) _________________________
Extreme (P) (-9) _________________________

Physical Stress: OOOOOO AR: 3

Mild (-2) _________________________
Moderate (-4) _________________________
Severe (P) (-9) _________________________
Extreme (P) (-11) _________________________


Aftermarket Light Screen Camouflage®
Coil Carbine® (WR +4, Range 4, Full Auto, Large, Reduce WR by -2 for Silent)
PPC with Agent (Alpha) Research +1
Mono-edged Tantō (WR +3, Small)
Cyber-Repair Injector Allows a cybersleeve to recover a Mild Physical Consequence in about a minute, downgrade a Moderate to a Mild in about an hour, or downgrade a Severe(P) Consequence to a Moderate Consequence in about a day.
Spider Gear Kit These gloves, boots, and kneepads can adhere to almost any solid surface, allowing the wearer to climb sheer walls or even hang suspended upside down. Their adhesiveness is triggered by an electronic signal, which allows the adhesive to be switched on and off.


Name: Ishikawa Mako
Born: April 16th, 41 PS (2083 AD), Olympus, Mars
Apotheosized: August 3rd, 73 PS (2115 AD), Olympus, Mars
Brief History:
Worked security for Aria Softworks until the Unification Conflict where he became a guerrilla fighting alongside the martian resistance. After the unification, having made a name for himself during the siege of Olympus, Mako was sought out by his former employers, the now conglomerated House Kimura. Rose through the ranks to become a Samurai to Ouchi Yoshioki, a Daimyo on the Board of Relations. Through Yoshioki, Mako became embroiled in the inter-house Shadow Wars. Has been involved in innumerable covert and black operations, often working alongside the Red Sun and their criminal affiliates. The delicate nature of Mako’s work required his memory back-up of these operations to be routinely adjusted, augmented, or removed entirely.

Ishikawa Mako

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