Jonathan Upsturn

Rogue Journalist


“Expose The Truth, even if it kills me…”
Conspiracy Theorist
Orphaned by the Houses, raised by wild journalists.
A taste for the “finer” things.
Silver tongued man of many faces.

Allegiance: Apostate

Body Aspect: These scars are my the price for my Name
Physical Skills: Perception 4, Athletics 2, Endurance 2

Rank 4: S-Eng, Insight, A-Net
Rank 3: Education, Assets, Research, Diplomacy(Pure +1)
Rank 2: Resolve, Guile, Steath
Rank 1: Intimidation, Melee, Cohesion, Pilot, Firearms, H-Eng

Stunts Refresh: 7
Carpe Diem – Once per scene, as a Free Action, you can declare that an Aspect of your choosing exists on the current scene or a zone of your choice. The Aspect must make sense within the context of the scene, and may be vetoed by the GM. You, and only you, may invoke or compel this Aspect for free the first time.

Non-Citizen – It is assumed you have found a way to make it in this world without being tracked by the Coalition, and that you spend a portion of your downtime working to keep your tracks covered. You may need to talk the specifics over with your GM. You do not have a Rep rating unless you get a false CID. You also gain a +2 bonus on any Assets tests for Favor requests (pg. 144) made to acquire goods, information, or services from fellow apostates.

Right place right time – You may spend a Fate Point to appear in anyscene in which you were not previously present.

Five Minute Friend-Determine the person you want become friends with and make a Diplomacy test (Diff: 3). If you succeed, you gain a new Lasting Aspect that relates to this person. You may have a number of Five Minute Friend Aspects equal to your Diplomacy. If
you’ve already reached your limit, and want another “Five Minute Friend” Aspect, you’ll need to discard one that you already have.

Constant Vigilance- You get a +3 bonus on any initiative test. In addition, if you are ambushed, you may spend a Fate Point to defend yourself normally.


Johnathan spent a lot of his younger life bouncing around The Colony at Uranus. The strong community ties of the place kept him from simply dying in the gutter, but bouncing between families and groups weren’t much better. He was orphaned by a House strike team, he never found out why and even as an adult, he didn’t particularly want to.

He eventually got taken in a little more permanently by a pair visiting The Colony. He tried scamming them out of their gold to play “tour guide”, planning to run. Money changed hands and…they grabbed him as he tried to. As luck would have it, they weren’t a House sleeper team. They gave him something to eat, and after a chat (and finding out he wasn’t by any means slow) they offered to take him with them. He agreed.

The pair were Brian and Mary Upsturn. Apostates and free thinkers. A few hundreds years earlier they’d be call touring hippies and bleeding hearts, the sort you’d see at every “save the rain forest” rally. Except the universe is full of rain forests. Instead they rallied against the Coalition as a hole. They did what they could for the people that needed it. Smuggling, running immigrants, anything they could. It didn’t take long for them to instill similar values into John.

The question of whether they were just a kindly pair of strangers or if they we’re just using him to help their cover story of “we’re just a simple family let us go” never really crossed his mind. It didn’t have to, he wasn’t simple enough to think he’d get a nice neat Prodex ending. But he wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth and have to go scrounging for meals again.

Time passed, and he eventually broke out to his own path. Standing around with a sign didn’t really suit him, and kind deeds didn’t put food in front of him. Instead, he used his gifts of the gab and the tech to worm his way into places he shouldn’t. Corporate espionage, blackmail, whatever he could a) deal a blow to any house or company with, b) would turn him at least some profit, and c) he could get away with, he would likely do.

He wasn’t a complete bastard mind, but he was a bit of one. As much as he doesn’t like the Houses on simple principle, he was smart enough to know he’d have to scratch their backs every now and then. He was a pest, but unless he was a useful one now and then he’d likely end up with a bullet in his skull. So sometime’s he’d steal data from rival houses, record this housemember cheating with that housemember, whatever it took to keep them off his back. And if he found something really juicy? He broadcast it.

That rumor of the company performing human experimentation on criminals? Or that House ordering Praetorian’s to open fire on unarmed women and children? There’s a good chance it happened, and a good chance John made sure the news got out. The Houses have a hell of a lot to answer for after all this time, and he intends to let the people know just how much, or at the least as much as he can.

Jonathan Upsturn

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