Murano, City of Glass

Opening Gambit - Backgound

Welcome to the great game

+ Newsflash – Violence across Murano continues, as bomb explodes at leading Biotech Firm +

+ Headline – Cyborg Spree Killer murders 5 on Murano controlling council +

+ Breaking News – Humanity First claim responsibility for arson attack on the popular downtown club, Silver Sun. Death toll from the attack now stands at 33, Technicians still baffled by the corruption of personality backups from survivors++

Greetings Auxiliaries

The loss of the C6 has been disastrous to our interests. We are reeling from the devastation wrought by our enemies. There have been outbreaks of seemingly random violence throughout the city that are in fact targeted to remove our assets and destroy years of work.

No-one associated with us is safe; none of our secrets are secure. To begin rebuilding our operation we need to start from scratch using people who are not from our noble house.

Murano is like a chessboard; everyone is playing and moving pieces to gain an advantage, however fleeting. Welcome to the great game, be careful when you move……my pawns.



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