Murano, City of Glass

Prelude - Opening Moves

Tasked with guarding the secret meeting of the C6, a group of Murano’s leading minds and cyberneticists, our auxiliaries supervised a crew of human corporate guards and set about securing their stronghold. Sealing the doors once their guests arrived, attacks began from the most unusual places.

The human guards were lost when hackers removed the oxygen from the air systems. The doors were breached by brute force by a pure human group called Humans First.

With the focus on fighting off the mass invaders, it was only by luck that the deeper subterfuge was unveiled. Stumbling into the mesh hub in the basement one of the auxiliaries discovered the real threat; an augmented infiltrator. Confronting this intruder he revealed a chilling message:

“This is only the beginning”

Then the bomb detonated. When they come round the building was rubble, the C6 were gone and this was only the beginning…



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